Top Questions that you should ask before hiring a Newborn Photographer

Hiring a newborn photographer is an important decision to capture precious moments of your baby’s early days. To ensure you make an informed choice, here are some essential questions to ask before hiring a newborn photographer:

Experience and Portfolio

  • How long have you been photographing newborns?
  • Could you provide examples of your previous newborn photography work?
  • Do you have a portfolio or website showcasing your work?

Session Details

  • How long does a typical newborn photoshoot last?
  • What types of props and backdrops do you provide?
  • Are parents and siblings allowed to be a part of the session?
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Safety Measures

Every parent is always concerned about their little one’s safety. That’s why this question is quite obvious and needs to be encountered with the photographer beforehand. As your baby is so tiny and flexible, to safeguard them multiple precautions must be taken for a successful photo shoot of the baby. Some of the things to be considered for their safety are as follows:

  • How do you ensure the safety and comfort of the baby during the photoshoot?
  • Are you trained in newborn posing and handling techniques?
  • What precautions do you take to prevent the spread of germs or illnesses during the session?

Timing and Availability

  • When is the best time to schedule a newborn photoshoot? (typically within the first two weeks)
  • How far in advance do we need to book your services?
  • What happens if the baby arrives earlier or later than expected?

Post-Processing and Delivery

  • What is your process for editing and retouching the photos?
  • How long does it take to receive the final edited images?
  • Do we receive digital copies or prints, or both?

Reviews and References

  • Can you provide references from previous clients?
  • Do you have any reviews or testimonials we can read?
  • Are there any online platforms where we can see feedback about your services?

Packages and Pricing

  • What are your package options and what do they include?
  • Are there any additional costs, such as travel fees or extra hours?
  • Can you provide a detailed breakdown of your pricing?

Contracts and Policies

  • Do you have a contract that outlines the terms of the agreement?
  • What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy?
  • How do you handle unforeseen circumstances that might affect the session?

Backup Plans

  • What happens if you are unable to make it to the photoshoot due to an emergency?
  • Do you have a backup photographer or a contingency plan in such situations?

Licensing and Rights

  • What are the usage rights for the photos? Can we print and share them?
  • Do you retain the copyright to the images, or do we have full rights?

Comfort and Compatibility

  • How do you establish a rapport with the baby and make them feel comfortable?
  • What steps do you take to ensure a relaxed and enjoyable session for the parents and baby?

Asking these questions will help you evaluate the photographer’s skills, and professionalism, and whether they align with your expectations for capturing beautiful and safe newborn photos.

6 Questions to Answer Before Booking a Photography Client

Asking these questions will help you evaluate the photographer’s skills, and professionalism, and whether they align with your expectations for capturing beautiful and safe newborn photos.

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